SmartDrop-E or SmartDrop-F test inks : guidelines for the right choice

AcXys Technologies has released two types of inks: SmartDrop-E and SmartDrop-F. Their characteristics apply to specific situations and a deeper look at these various features will guide you to the right product. Both our products comply with applicable standards and regulations (ASTM D2578-09 for SmartDrop-E and ISO 8296 : 2003 for SmartDrop-F). Moreover, they are super reliable and provide trustworthy results thanks to a very strict manufacturing process that guarantees their maximal stability.

What type of material are you measuring?

MaterialRecommended ink type
PTFE x x
PP x
PE x
Silicon x
EPDM x x
Glass x
Aluminium x
PC x
PET x x
PVC x x
PS x
other x

PP: polypropylene, PMMA: Polymethyl methacrylate (Plexiglas), PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon, PVC: Polyvinyl chloride.

If you are planning to use SmartDrop test inks on materials compatible with SmartDrop-E, this should be your first choice. SmartDrop-E is made of water, ethanol and dye. It is a non-toxic ink. SmartDrop-F has a degree of toxicity because it contains water, 2-ethoxyethanol, formamide and dye. It can be used on any material. The value range of SmartDrop-E is larger (22 to 72 mN/m) than SmartDrop-F (28 to 72mN/m).

The material colour to be tested can also influence the choice of the test ink to be applied: SmartDrop-E ink shines with a bright neon yellow, highly visible on dark backgrounds. SmartDrop-F has a deep blue shade, we can only recommend to use it on (for example) a PET yellow background – the results of your surface energy measurement will not be missed!

Ink typeSmartDrop-ESmartDrop-F
Reference standard ASTM D2578-09 ISO 8296 : 2003
Contains Water, ethanol, colouring dye Water, 2-ethoxyethanol, formamide, colouring dye
Toxicity Not toxic Toxic
Materials PTFE, EPDM, PET and PVC All materials
Ink colour Yellow Blue
Values 22 to 72 mN/m 28 to 72 mN/m

Have you made your choice? Both SmartDrop-E and SmartDrop-F inks are available online.