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SmartDrop-E bottle

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A clever way to measure surface wettability – in a bottle.

Surface tension
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Safety Instructions Ink E

Instructions Sécurité Encre E

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Storage Conditions Ink E

Storage conditions test ink SmartDrop E

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SmartDrop-E test ink bottle. This yellow tinted ink provides a quick and reliable measurement of material surface energy, whether you need to check the material’s cleanliness condition, assess the outcome of a surface treatment, or check that your recent shipment meets your technical requirements.

SmartDrop-E provides super reliable results when it comes to measuring the surface energy of PTFE, EPDM, PET or PVC material. The values range from 22 to 72 mN/m (2mN/m variation according to ASTM D2578-09 standard).

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Data sheet

Ink type
Applicable standard
ASTM 2578-09
Values range
22 to 72 mN/m
Recommended shelf life
3 months
Individual cardboard box
48 g
Bottle size
6,5 cm (h) - 2,7 cm (Ø)
15 mL